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Extensive Experience In Commercial Leases

Real estate lawyer Donald Fradley has drafted and negotiated commercial and residential lease agreements for over 30 years. Fradley Law Firm, P.A., also provides swift and sure representation for back-end problems with leases such as enforcement, litigation and evictions.

We have served the state of Florida since 1989. Call 561-743-8800 to discuss your legal situation.

New Leases

A lease is only as good as the language it contains. Donald Fradley diligently prepares lease agreements to specify the rights and obligations of each party in clear, unambiguous terms to avoid legal disputes and ensure enforceability.

Existing Leases

When property changes hands, legal issues may arise for both the new owners and the existing tenants. The existing lease agreement may state that the lease terminates upon sale or it may stipulate the rights of the party in possession. We can determine and enforce either party’s rights regarding deposits, a lessee’s right of first refusal to expand leased premises, options to purchase and other related matters.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes And Lease Litigation

Through mediation, negotiation or in court, we strive to resolve lease disputes in a cost-conscious manner. We have handled:

  • Enforcement of noise and nuisance terms
  • Collection and eviction actions
  • Damage claims
  • Interpretation of triple net leases (responsibility for taxes, insurance or maintenance)

As a sole attorney, Donald Fradley can devote the time and personal attention to your legal issue. Contact our office in Jupiter or call 561-743-8800 to arrange a one-on-one consultation.