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Probate disputes often carry a heavy toll

| Jun 9, 2020 | Estate Administration |

There are many ways in which probate disputes disrupt lives. As if dealing with the loss of a loved one is not challenging enough, many families become involved in legal challenges surrounding their family member’s estate plan, whether people are unhappy with the way in which an executor is managing the estate or beneficiaries disagree with the way in which property is divided.

Unfortunately, probate disputes often bring various hardships. Aside from stress, time-consuming commitments and expenses, these disputes sometimes tear families apart.

Sibling rivalries and hostility

Sometimes, probate disputes are especially concerning when it comes to relationships between siblings. These disagreements have resulted in many sibling rivalries, some of which go on for years. At the same time, some siblings are struggling with long-term rivalries prior to their loved one’s passing and these bitter feelings get in the way of their ability to work through the estate planning process. Probate disputes often cause hostility between other family members, such as a parent and their child.

The long-term impact of a dispute

Sometimes, families are able to work through and recover from a probate dispute relatively swiftly. In other instances, these disagreements result in long-term hardships. For example, some people are never able to restore their good relationship with a family member as a result of these matters. We understand how complex probate disputes are, whether you are in charge of an estate plan and are struggling with a disgruntled beneficiary or you believe an executor is not respecting your rights as a beneficiary. Read our site for more on this area of law.