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How can I choose the right executor?

| Dec 2, 2019 | Estate Administration |

Are you a Florida resident working on your estate plan? There are many matters to consider when choosing an executor to carry it out. Certain traits are more desirable. Other traits may completely take someone out of the pool of candidates. Who fits the bill in your life?

First, you want to pick someone who is responsible. To some, this is the most important trait. Being an executor for an estate is no easy task. Executors must be quick to address estate matters. They should communicate efficiently and make hard decisions. In addition to being responsible as an individual, executors should also be responsible with money. Pick someone who is currently in good financial standing.

Your choice should also be both patient and emotionally grounded. They should be able to handle stress well and think on their feet. They will encounter many unpleasant situations or difficult decisions. They will need to act fast. Additionally, make sure they are not disqualified individuals. Former felons and non-U.S. citizens cannot be estate executives.

Next, have a second, younger successor ready to take on the mantle. You do not want to leave your estate to only one executor. If you do, that individual may pass on or become incapacitated before they can serve. Finally, do what you can to avoid drama. This means avoiding naming two or more beneficiaries who do not get along.

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