Probate is a process that is not always clear for those involved in it. It occurs after the death of the person whose estate is in probate. This process helps the state ensure that the wishes of the deceased are followed and that everything is done legally. There are quite a few people who might be involved in the probate process, according to the Florida Bar.

Since probate is a court process, there are several members of the court who will be a part of the process. This includes the circuit court judge who will examine the estate, oversee the distribution of assets and make any rulings necessary. It also includes the clerk of court, who handles administrative issues of the case.

The executor or personal representative is also an important party. This may be you if you are the person the deceased chose to manage his or her estate upon his or her death. You play an important role in ensuring assets get to the right parties, and while they are in your care, that you manage them properly.

Heirs or anyone else making a claim will also be a part of the process. They may simply be there to collect what is rightfully theirs. There is also the chance that they could be there to object to something in the estate plan. This could include creditors who are trying to recoup money to pay for debts and the Internal Revenue Service, which will collect taxes due. This information is for education and is not legal advice.