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Recognize the signs of undue influence

Undue influence refers to the use of a person's position of power to persuade or pressure a person to do something he or she would otherwise not have done had the influence not occurred. Typically, the action the influencer convinces the other person to take goes against the victim's best interests and benefits the influencer in some way. When undue influence occurs in relation to a will in Florida, it is typically to take money or property that should go to another beneficiary.

Elder Protection Center provides 12 signs of undue influence for which individuals can watch out. This post details just a few of them.  

What effects do major life events have on wills in Florida?

Events such as the birth or adoption of a child, marriage or divorce have major impacts on a person's life. They can also majorly change one's estate planning goals and needs.

Given this, it is important to remember that, if person formed a will prior to a major life event, the event will generally not automatically alter the will much on its own.


Title insurance is insurance that protects the property owner and lender from title defects. Even though the title search is conducted by experienced staff of title insurance companies, a chain of title should not be treated as a substitute for title insurance. There may be errors which are not apparent by reviewing the chain of title such as:

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