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Title Insurance

Protecting Your Investment

Title Review and Title Insurance for Florida Real Estate Closings

Are there hidden dangers lurking in a pending residential real estate transaction? Jupiter Land Title Co. protects clients from title disputes that could derail closings or expose them to monetary loss or fights over ownership.

Attorney Don Fradley offers over 25 years of experience with title searches, title opinions and title insurance. He represents buyers, sellers, realtors, developers, banks and financial institutions that have a stake in establishing clear title to property. Call 561-743-8835 for a free initial consultation.

Jupiter Land Title Co. of Jupiter, Florida, is owned and operated by attorney Don Fradley. We provide title insurance to clients statewide through our affiliation with Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund. Since 1989, Don Fradley has served clients in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River counties, and throughout Florida.

Title Defects

Mr. Fradley examines title to discover any hidden defects that would make the property unmarketable, such as:

  • Judgment liens (builder's liens, lawsuits)
  • Unpaid property taxes or special assessments
  • Other tax liens (estate, inheritance, income or gift taxes)
  • Claims of ex-spouses who are not listed on the title
  • Claims of undisclosed heirs
  • Documents signed by minors or incompetents
  • Forged documents and other fraud
  • Unrecorded easements
  • Unsatisfied mortgages (We saved one unwitting client who was ready to close on a home with an existing mortgage of $90,000!)

Don Fradley does the extra legwork beyond the title and abstract review to give each client complete confidence to proceed. For example, while a divorce might be recorded on the title, a visit to the courthouse could reveal that the ex-spouse was entitled to half of the proceeds when the property was sold.

Title Insurance

In Florida, one party is typically required to purchase title insurance to protect the buyer from title claims. This one-time premium shields you from claims affecting your real property if any title discrepancy arises. Jupiter Land Title Co. provides both homeowner's title policies and lender's title insurance, including post-closing title searches.

One-Stop Services for Homebuyers

Jupiter Land Title Co. /Fradley Law Firm, P.A. can handle every aspect of your real estate transaction:

  • Purchase agreements
  • Financing
  • Title opinions and title insurance
  • Closings (including mail-away closings)
  • Escrow services
  • Litigation

Contact our lawyer online or call our Jupiter, Florida, office at 561-743-8835. We serve clients statewide.