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Mortgage Law

Protecting YOUR Interest in Home Loan Matters

Purchasing real estate, especially for first-time homebuyers, is an exciting adventure. Unfortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for unscrupulous sellers, brokers and lenders to take advantage of buyers at every turn. Legal representation offers many advantages for Florida homebuyers.

At Fradley Law Firm, P.A., we negotiate purchases, guarantee clear title, review disclosures and ensure a smooth closing. Contact us to schedule a consultation to discuss how we can help you.

Why Use a Mortgage Attorney?

Mortgage company brokers and bank loan officers earn commissions based on the fees they generate from transactions. They often use gimmicks ("no closing cost loan") or other tactics to steer homebuyers to loans that pad their fees and inflate closing costs or interest rates for the buyer. In situations like these, many homeowners find their interests come second.

However, a mortgage attorney is required to represent your best interests, recommending the loan that is most beneficial to YOU. By law, a lawyer cannot receive any commission or kickback from the transaction. A mortgage law attorney, such as Don Fradley, is also knowledgeable about more than financing and can handle every aspect of your residential real estate transaction.

We Offer More than Mortgage Services

Fradley Law Firm and its sister company, Jupiter Land Title, provide a full spectrum of legal and real estate services. In addition to financing and refinancing, we assist clients with obtaining second mortgages, lines of credit, modifications, workouts, short sales and foreclosures. If necessary, we represent clients whose transaction has run into problems that require judicial adjudication. We can help with:

Contact us for assistance with foreclosure and other mortgage needs. Call 561-743-8800.